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Flexible data center cabinet solution

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Have you ever encountered this problem? Data center cabinets that are restricted by elevators, floor heights, and doors are not properly transported and installed. The custom-made design is not standard, and it is not compatible with all IT equipment, and it also brings more troubles for subsequent power supply, wiring, and cooling.
Like many high-speed development companies, the data center computer room of the Tianji Media Group is also located in the office area of ​​the office building. The development of enterprise business has put forward higher requirements for the construction of IT infrastructure. When it is ready to purchase new equipment and expand the processing capacity of the data center computer room, it has encountered a new challenge. The elevator, ceiling and door dimensions that the cabinet transports through. The limitations of standard cabinets cannot be installed, which may also be plaguing CIOs in many companies.
How to find an easy solution to this problem? Just when we were at a loss, APC's all-round cabinet solution easily solved this problem. The first is transportation and installation. Unlike traditional cabinets, the APC cabinets are shipped in the form of spare parts, so the whole process is very smooth. Under the guidance of APC engineers, the engineers of the Tianji Technology Department only installed a cabinet in ten minutes. Most of the cabinet accessories are plugged in, and only a few connections use the simple tools that come with the product. Although the installation is simple, it does not affect the load-bearing capacity of the APC cabinet at all. The weight of a single cabinet can reach 1 ton, which can fully meet the needs of users.
The APC all-round cabinet is not only easy to install, but also flexible in configuration. The adjustable structure design is fully compatible with equipment from IBM, HP, Dell, SUN, CISCO, etc.; integrated high-density cable management features in horizontal and vertical directions, innovative top-wiring design, and rack-mounted PDUs without tooling are Subsequent work saved a lot of effort. Users can get the best out of IT infrastructure system with the most cost-effective solution through the APC all-encompassing cabinet solution.
The cabinet is a common computer room product in the data center, but the level of the manufacturer is uneven. When the user chooses the price, he should pay attention to the product details. As is well known, server and other peripheral products are updated quickly, but a high-quality cabinet can be used for a long time. Therefore, investing in a high-quality, high-compatibility, fully-equipped cabinet product is very worthwhile.


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