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How to identify the quality of the hinge

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First of all, we must look at the material of the hinge. At present, the commonly used hinges on the market are mostly cold-rolled steel and stainless steel. The cold-rolled steel has higher strength and bright surface, but it is easy to rust in humid environment. The stainless steel has good toughness and good corrosion resistance. The price is more expensive than cold rolled steel.
The good quality hinges are made of relatively large materials, the weight is relatively heavy, and the surface is smooth and flat. On the contrary, the poor quality of the hinges is cost-effective on the materials, the materials are insufficient, the weight is generally light, and the workmanship is rough, and the naked eye can be used. Identification.
When the hinge with good quality is closed, the resilience of the hinge itself can be clearly felt, and the rebound force is tight, and the rebound of the inferior hinge should be checked when it is closed, or it is too tight, or too Loose, it is easy to go wrong after using it for a long time.
Good quality hinges generally have brighter colors and smoother surfaces. Inferior hinges are not so elaborate in the small workshops, so the color of the hinges is generally dim.
For those who do not understand the hinges, when buying hinges, try to choose some well-known brands of products, after all, the brand's products are still very guaranteed in quality. Even if there is a quality problem in the future, there is a relatively perfect after-sales service system, and the small brand does not have this strength.
The last thing to pay attention to is the price of the hinge. As the saying goes, the price of the hinge is better. The higher the price, the better the quality of the hinge. The cheaper the price, the quality is definitely difficult to guarantee. When buying, you must ask for different price points. The difference between the products is easy to distinguish between good and bad.


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