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Hydraulic hinge

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Hydraulic hinges are used more and more widely because they have the advantages that ordinary hinges cannot have: soft doors and silent sounds. Use it, don't be afraid to wake up the sleeping family when you close the door; use it, it will not create complicated noise to disturb the harmonious home.
However, the quality of cushioned hydraulic hinges on the market is uneven and the price/performance ratio varies. Products with poor quality are prone to oil spills or hydraulic cylinder bursts.
As a modern person, I want to make my home warm and comfortable. The appearance of cushioning hydraulic hinges avoids the destruction of the atmosphere. It is a high-end hinge choice that cannot be chosen. As long as you choose the right hinge supplier, the quality of the hinge is guaranteed. It feels natural to be really different!
The buffer hinge, specifically one end of the rotating shaft which is automatically restored by the return spring and rotates synchronously, fixes a buffer component having a plurality of convex stops, and allows the buffer component to be accommodated at one end of a positioning return spring The buffering groove provided in the positioning component is provided with a plurality of concave stops in the buffering groove for embedding the convex portion of the buffering component; therefore, the greater the angle at which the door is opened, the returning torque generated by the return spring It will also gradually increase; on the contrary, when the returning torque generated by the return spring will gradually decrease as the door closing angle becomes smaller, the number of fitting between the convex portion and the concave portion will be It will decrease, and the cushioning resistance generated between the two will also decrease; therefore, the closing of the door will not be too impatient or slow, and the impact between the door and the door bucket will be minimized.
The hydraulic buffer hinge is suitable for the door connection of furniture such as wardrobe, book cabinet, floor cabinet, TV cabinet, cabinet, wine cabinet, locker and so on. The hydraulic buffer hinge relies on a new technology to adapt to the closing speed of the door. The product uses hydraulic buffering technology to make the door slowly close at 60°, reducing the impact force and forming a comfortable effect when closing, that is, using force to close the door will also be gentle. Close, ensure perfect and soft movement. The assembly of the buffer hinge makes the furniture more upscale, reduces the impact force and creates the comfort effect when closing, and ensures that maintenance is not required even under long-term use.
The advantage of the hydraulic buffer hinge is that the soft and silent feeling makes the home more comfortable and comfortable. The main feature of the hydraulic buffer hinge is that the door can be slowly closed within 4 to 6 seconds when the door is closed, and the opening and closing times can reach more than 50,000 times. And can withstand the destructive force of the push is still not discouraged, no oil leakage.
Damping hinges have three bend positions: full cover (straight bend), half cover (medium bend), no cover (large bend or built-in).
The side panel of the cabinet (that is, the hinge plate is installed) is based on the 18mm or 16mm plate. The full cover (straight bend) covers all the side plates, and the half cover (small bend) covers the side plates halfway. Bent or built-in) exposes the side panels and the cover is embedded in the cabinet.
Selection point
Because the hinges switch more than 10 times a day in everyone's life, the quality of a hinge depends on the performance of your furniture. You need to pay attention to the hinge hardware in your home. Basically, the hinge can be distinguished from the following aspects. 1. Surface: Look at whether the surface material of the product is flat. If scratches and deformations are seen, it is produced with scrap (cutting material). The appearance of this hinge is ugly, which makes your furniture have no grade.
2, hydraulic performance: Everyone knows that the hinge is a function of a switch, so this is very important, the key is to take the damper of the hydraulic hinge, as well as the rivet assembly. The damper mainly depends on whether there is noise when opening and closing, if there is noise, it is inferior product, and whether the speed of the round is uniform. Is the hinge cup loose? If there is looseness, the rivet is not tightly riveted and it is easy to fall off. Closed several times to see the indentation in the cup is not obvious. If it is obvious, it proves that there is a problem with the thickness of the cup, which is easy to "explode".
3, screws: the general hinge comes with two screws, are all adjustment screws, up and down adjustment screws, front and rear adjustment screws, some new hinges also have left and right adjustment screws, which is now called three-dimensional adjustment hinges, generally with two adjustments The station is full. Tips, use a screwdriver to adjust the upper and lower adjustment screws three to four times, then take the screws down and see if the hinge arm's teeth are damaged, because the hinge arm is made of iron material, so hard without screws. It is easy to wear, and it is easy to slip or not move if the precision is not enough when the factory taps. The front and rear adjustment screws are also tested as such.


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