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Rotary drilling rig lock rod use principle

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Use of machine lock lever
1. Lower the drill pipe to bring the drill to the work surface.
2. After the drill bit is placed at the bottom of the hole, the power head is operated to make the drill pipe slowly rotate forward, while the power head pressurizing cylinder is pressed downward to find the pressure lock, and the power head load is obviously increased (the sudden power rise of the power head motor pressure occurs, the power The head speed is obviously reduced.) At this time, the power head pressure cylinder stops pressing, and the power head continues to rotate 1-2 turns. Make sure that the lower end surface of the inner key plate of the drive sleeve and the outer pressure surface of the drill pipe are completely fitted. lock). Continue to continue to pressurize the drill until it is full.
Fully locked diagram
3. Lift the drill.
(1) Lifting the power head to make the upper end surface of the power head contact the drill rod cushion to release the pressure cylinder and the pressure.
Lifting power head schematic
(2) Lift the power head again H=N*50 (N=1 when the second section of the drill rod extends completely out of the first section; N=2 when the third section is completely extended out of the second section, and so on) Make the upper end of the upper inner key contact with the lower active ring (push up the lower section to avoid the phenomenon of mast after the suspension is reversed and unlocked). If the innermost drill pipe is not fully extended, the lifting amount H can be increased by 100-200mm as appropriate, because the drill bit will not leave the bottom of the hole and does not affect the reverse closing of the door; if the innermost section is fully extended, the lifting amount H According to the formula, if the H value is increased, the drill bit will leave the bottom of the hole, and the reverse resistance will decrease, and it will be difficult to unlock and close the door.
Continue to lift the power head schematic
(3) Then reverse the power head for 2-3 weeks to ensure that each drill pipe is completely unlocked and the drill door is closed. Continue to reverse the power head, start the main winch and lift the drill pipe, keep the power head position unchanged so that the next work cycle can quickly find the lock point lock. During the process of lifting the drill pipe, the power head should be slowly reversed to prevent accidental locking during the lifting process to cause the rod and the mast.
4. Pour the soil off.
5. At the end of a work cycle, repeat the cycle until it becomes a hole. (After multiple working cycles, when the pressure cylinder stroke approaches the end point, the pressurized cylinder should be pulled up about one pressurizing stroke to quickly find the next pressurization lock point of the drill pipe and continue to drill down).
Pressurized stroke schematic
During the main hoisting process, the power head should be slowly reversed to prevent the drill pipe from suddenly locking when the drill bit hits the hole wall. The operator passed the main hoist pressure gauge display or personal experience and found that the drill pipe was not completely unlocked during the lifting process. The drill pipe should be re-inserted into the bottom of the hole and the power head should be reversed to unlock again. It is strictly forbidden to unlock in midair by positive and negative shaking. This operation will cause serious masts and damage the drill pipe!


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