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Professional plastic tee

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Professional plastic tee, X4hKTFj When we manufacture plastic tees, the step is the preparation stage of raw materials, which usually requires a certain amount of human resources for processing. The equipment we use is usually a plastic pulverizer. The plastic products are pulverized by some plastic product recycling stations or recycling workshops. After smashing, the products can be packaged into raw materials. The volume of plastic products that need to be processed by entering the raw materials into the furnace, these solvents can be turned into products through plastic processing equipment and molds.
Unless specially designed, the vibration source (stirring, recoil device) should be isolated from the tank. 5. Normal pressure plastic tee refers to the static hydraulic tank connected with the atmosphere, especially the vertical flat bottom tank. It should ensure that the tank body and the atmosphere are well fluent, and will not be pressurized due to venting, feeding or temperature change (positive and negative pressure). ). 6. It is limited to use under the design premise. The plastic tee cannot change the medium (including the medium concentration), temperature, and use pressure.
In addition, the baking soda is odor-free, soak the plastic tee with a solution of baking soda, dissolve 1 liter of water with 1 scoop of baking soda, soak the plastic water tank for 24 hours according to the ratio of baking soda solution, plastic water tank. The smell in it was completely removed. Wash it with soap and detergent. Soak the detergent mixture in the plastic tee for 1 to 2 hours. After washing the plastic water tank, the odor in the water tank is removed. .
Test: The principle of burning plastic cups with an open flame: Polyethylene will burn like a burning candle, and there will be successive drops of dripping material, which has a waxy taste. Polyvinyl chloride is not easy to be ignited. When it is burned, it will emit black smoke. It will have a pungent smell and the flame will be green. The test process: the green plastic can lid bought in the supermarket, with a lighter at all, the flame is yellow, there will be a continuous drop of dripping substances, the taste is very similar to the candle.
Explain the advantages and uses of plastic tees for you. There are many advantages of plastic tees. Here are some of the following: - Meet the needs of organic, inorganic solvents and storage, transfer and production of chemical and electrochemical corrosive media; The need to transfer, transport, and eliminate static electricity of non-electrolyte fluids; - meet the mechanical requirements for resistance to various types of support shearing and burying and loading; - smooth surface, clean and easy to clean; - anti-microbial corrosion; - high pressure resistance, anti-aging, weight Light, high strength, insulation, anti-seepage; - low thermal conductivity, effectively maintain constant temperature storage; - long service life, up to 70 years, no maintenance; - add tank heating and cooling equipment according to user requirements; - product application: Storage of various corrosive media (such as acid, alkali, salt, sewage), alcohol, alcohol and fat food containers, food fermenters, vinegar, soy sauce and acidic food containers, large sewage tanks for oil fields, chemical Various types of large storage tanks, chemical reagents, flue gas desulfurization equipment, chimneys, flue.


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